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A fairytale in eight acts

A Fairytale in Eight Acts


It’s raining cats & dogs in Leiden, one of the oldest dutch cities, outside of Amsterdam. Hardly anybody sets a foot outside and the plushy local theater is deserted. Yet there is vibrant activity in the main hall. Assistants shuffle lights and cables, tons of hair spray dust vaporizes on beautiful models dancing in a iridescent backlight, the swift hand of a make up artist blushing its last stroke on alabaster cheeks.

In the middle of all professional bustle, designer of the hour Esther Dorhout Mees, is focused to the max. Softly she speaks, when the flashlight goes off: “Long fingers, Alice”, “Chin a little bit down”, “Beautiful, hold that”.

We are backstage at “Theatre Decay” the editorial shoot of Esther's latest brilliant work, and I am in Cinderella paradise. Eight gorgeous gowns -a thousand hours of couture work- make there way from dressing room onto the stage, elegantly directed by the designer. There is something very fragile about all this, petit bodies leaning against thick velvet curtains, almost drowning in fluffy polstered chairs. This is were the inspiration for the whole collection has its origin and with today’s work, the journey of an idea will also end.

In an unobserved moment I sneak a pair of heels outside on the theater stairs. After a fairytale photo-shooting like this, it wouldn't surprise me if that prince will stop by, find them (and me) and we can live happily ever after.


Today’s shoes are Dorhout Mees
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Balance, bitch!

Balance, bitch!


Decided to do something special this month by featuring some of my most memorable blog experiences of 2014. This very first editorial is dedicated to all the seemingly impossible shooting locations and it describes my January mood: nothing is impossible if you are just stubborn enough to go for it.

So I found myself in the most ridiculous moments, battling extraordinary wind forces while shooting a (überprecious) designer gown which left me flashing underwear at 7 am in the morning in the Dutch dunes (sorry dear morning joggers, I didn’t mean to frighten you). Or freezing in a La Perla lace (!) dress in April on the beach. Anyone who has ever tried dancing in heels on sand please high five me now.

Shooting at 2000 meters above sea level was another moment where I thought: “stupid me, who is afraid of heights anyway?”. While digging out a 100 tiny pebble stones from under my heels I was cursing the idea (who did come up with that?!) of balancing on pointy rocks. Last but least I will never forget the moment a beardy woman won the Eurovision Song Contest, dancing the night away in bare enthusiasm.

May that be the spirit of the new year: it’s all possible as long as your footwear is not abandoning you and as long as you balance it out!

Big love!

Today’s shoes are various | Illustrations by Sella Molenaar
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Fashion Week Flawless | DORHOUT MEES

Fashion Week Flawless | DORHOUT MEES


Raindrops slowly drip from the back screen, subtly dimmed light creates the illusion of water on the catwalk, everybody is shut down in silence and eagerly awaiting.

I'm sitting front row at Dorhout Mees’s eighth collection at the Amsterdam Fashion week, and probably didn’t shut my jaw for the entire duration of the show. An endless floating transformation from structure to dissolution, a delicate dream of sophisticated organza layers to super tight and sexy construction. “O” - I whisper in awe, which also happens to be the name of the collection. “O” refers to the simplicity yet complexity of water crystals which the über-talented designer translated into a symphony of subtle blues and mellow pinks, some delicately wrapped in pleats, others in sharp cut out silhouettes. All of the designs are meticulously crafted and fitted to the bone, even the prints reflecting the iridescence of water surface. So elegant, so feminine, so flawless! You literally want to dive into every single piece of perfection presented.

If I may personally pursue the idea of a natural floating process: this talent doesn't need to show at the (nonetheless beautiful) river Amstel: it definitely needs to be the Seine!

Oh, and I totally forgot about today’s heels,
but who's to blame, am still busy closing my mouth, and spinning in vain in one of Dorhout Mees’s gorgeous creations myself.


Have a full look at Dorhout Mees’s collection here!

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