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Happy New Year!



The long weekend after the New Year was so peaceful and inviting to do nothing that I did exactly that. Polished my heels, ate the rest of my Mom's cookies, slept in, cleaned out the Champagne bottles and before I knew, duty was calling again, and 2016 had officially started.

What a bliss to look back at the old year and give a warm welcome to 356 new days, completely free to be designed in each of your favors.
I hope they will be filled with new ideas, inspiration, laughter, health and happiness - plus the odd new shoe - which will carry you to great new places and adventures.

Have a fabulous start into the new year Shoemonsters!


Today’s shoes are Balmain

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Charm overdose

Charm overdoze


My cousin and her lovely daughter (you've already met them) visited Amsterdam this weekend for the first time, and as always when visitors are expected, the city pulls out it’s charm-sprinkle-machine and shows itself from its best (and most sunny!!!!!!!) side.

My credibility in complaining about gruelling weather conditions is completely lost as this first “meet and greet” with Amsterdam was 'spoiled' by 22 degrees, sipping rosés on terraces and beautiful and inspiring views everywhere (read: a lot of shoe-shop windows to marvel at while walking the city). Dutch light bathes everything, playing the (oh so working!) “rom-com” card, dipping the sky in soft rose colors at sunset, matching blushed cheeks due to all excitement. What a charming place this can be when the sun is out, and they still sell tulips in November. Even cobblestones look heel-inviting and no one cares about burning feet after a zillion steps in the direction of the next delicious meal.

My beloved Diva Amsterdam, you have a couple of new fans, and I (again) fell head over heels for your charm overdose. Than again: everything looks, feels and tastes better when you're enjoying it with loved ones. By that I mean people and footwear likewise. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend too.


Today’s shoes are Stuart Weitzman
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