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Balance, bitch!

Balance, bitch!


Decided to do something special this month by featuring some of my most memorable blog experiences of 2014. This very first editorial is dedicated to all the seemingly impossible shooting locations and it describes my January mood: nothing is impossible if you are just stubborn enough to go for it.

So I found myself in the most ridiculous moments, battling extraordinary wind forces while shooting a (überprecious) designer gown which left me flashing underwear at 7 am in the morning in the Dutch dunes (sorry dear morning joggers, I didn’t mean to frighten you). Or freezing in a La Perla lace (!) dress in April on the beach. Anyone who has ever tried dancing in heels on sand please high five me now.

Shooting at 2000 meters above sea level was another moment where I thought: “stupid me, who is afraid of heights anyway?”. While digging out a 100 tiny pebble stones from under my heels I was cursing the idea (who did come up with that?!) of balancing on pointy rocks. Last but least I will never forget the moment a beardy woman won the Eurovision Song Contest, dancing the night away in bare enthusiasm.

May that be the spirit of the new year: it’s all possible as long as your footwear is not abandoning you and as long as you balance it out!

Big love!

Today’s shoes are various | Illustrations by Sella Molenaar
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No pain no gain

No pain no gain


My 10 year old nephew is visiting Amsterdam for the first time (a promise I gave to all four of my nephews, so expect an annual live report from now on), and I find myself in places I never experienced before, doing things I’d actually swore I'd never do.

Exchanged my Gucci, Prada, and vintage boutique city route to explore the Nemo museum (know how my left & right brain works right now - aka learned it’s the left one (logic) shutting down every time when it comes to buying shoes), climbed pirate-ships and dunes and visited the torture museum.

The last one actually made me think: all those medieval spikes and pricks to torture the poor victims until they confessed whatever... it would have been so easy to make them walk through a city all day long in 10 inches, carrying a “Pausenbrot”, 1 liter of fizzy drink, some exchange clothes, a kid’s kite, spare crocs(!), a set of ball game (Botscher), Asterix books and some other stuff kids need on an average day. Well, I guess it’s no pain no gain. And I might very well have my own torture museum (aka shoe closet) at home. Middle ages: you just got an upgrade.


Today’s shoes are Camilla Skovgaard
Even they look like torture, they actually walk like heaven (for five minutes in a fancy restaurant then)

Today's picture was taken by my lovely sister in the Torture Museum Amsterdam (which btw is the worst designed museum I've ever been to)