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Stars and Starlets

Stars and Starlets


I love January for two reasons: It’s SALE everywhere and Hollywood’s Award Season officially opens:
the perfect excuse to never leave the house (except to score some cuties on SALE) 
and binge your way through all the nominated films.

Spent all night yesterday watching the globes with my buds “ZA” and “NOTTI”, 
had way too much popcorn and champagne and (of course) overslept mercilessly this morning,
but YESSS! - it was all worth it. Nothing better than dressing up at home for the occasion, treating yourself with a “glamicure”, having a blast judging Stars and Starlets, red carpet outfits, hair-do’s, and acceptance speeches from afar.

Sleep deprivation? So not Globes at all! 

No doubt though that (besides all the gossip: I so do not wanna have what Jacqueline Bisset was having, but definitely the Louboutin’s Emma Thompson dropped at her speech...) the true winners of yesterday night were my fabulous, FABULOUS shoes. *Voice dramatically sobbing*: 
“And I wanna thank Paul Warmer for their generosity, Guiseppe for always making my feet look pretty, and my patient boyfriend who snored through the night and couldn’t care less about the glitz and glam of a heelalista’s-world.
L.o.v.e. y.o.u. a.l.l.!!!!!!”

Today’s shoes are Guiseppe Zanotti.

Available (and on Sale) at Paul Warmer now.


11.11, 11.11am

11.11, 11.11am


Fashion knows five seasons. Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter obviously, and: Carnival of course, starting just now! Suppose people all over the globe love dressing up; hiding behind loads of make up, jumping into weird costumes to look hotter or more creative or fun. Am quite torn on the Carnival subject: for sure love the uninhibited party mode (something easily achieved without looking like a clown), but definitely don't need a "theme" to have fun.

Was it "the '80s" or "GaGa" the previous years, I already recieved three invites following the hot theme this year: "Fifty Shades of Grey" (ding dong, get the latex out!). Great for the average carnival office party, can fully imagine your colleagues dressed as Mr. Grey (guess the color of the expensive suit) or Anastasia (oversized comfy pullover. Walmart skirt) nibbling on cocktails, of course all of them hiding all kinds of sex toys in their private parts. FUN! Well, since my disastrous "makeover" yesterday - aka gloriously full and lovely looking haircut and blow out meeting rain from hell, I decided that whenever asked to dress up, I would show up as a cat this carnival season. Drowned in alcohol that is. But for the theme lovers: I hid three stainless steel loveballs in today's picture. Spot them, and you win a pair of my high heels.

Happy Carnival everyone


Today's shoes are (costumized) Bally

Monday Glamour

If you feel down dress up


Every one of us out there with breasts, brains (and a fashionable spirit) knows all too well that it’s tough to feel and look glamorous 24/7. Something which has obviously become our standard. As if we don't have enough on our plate already. Why do the stars in the glossies seem to always look so radiant even when sporting huge sunglasses and a battery of Starbuck cups only?

I might have the first fashion meltdown before even having stuffed all superfoods in the blender to start the day healthily (aka perfect). Where is the SWAT team (translate: personal make-up artist, masseur, stylist, nutrician, work-out expert, eye brow specialist, facial wonder wizard, special “get me in the mood” whisperer) when you need them?

Oh, they're still are busy with Charlize Theron? Pity. But guess what: The right pair of shoes, big sunglasses and an accessory of your choice (Starbucks who?) really works. Let’s invent Motivation Monday instead of Casual Friday! Now I just need that Paparazzi to come around and capture me looking fabulous when I finally find my way out of my sweatpants and out of the house.

Does anyone have a phone number?

Today’s shoes are ZARA