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Move over Jamie!

Move over Jamie


Besides being crazy about heels, I have another (more hidden) passion: cooking. Whenever I have the time, I love strolling around markets, shopping for food (the pleasure of smelling truffles or herbs is almost similar to the irresistible scent of a brand-new leather shoe), and trying my best in the kitchen to pamper friends and BF.

Cooking requires a lot of practise though, and - like learning to walk in 10 inches (don't stumble, mind the gaps!) - some time until one is able to produce something presentable. The deflated souffles, the sticky rice, the burnt chicken, the watery veggies: I had them exactly as often as the usual blister, the sore toes and the charming appearance of a drunken sailor tottering in extreme highs. But eventually never giving up pays off, and today am juggling heels and kitchen knives kinda OK-ish (aka still ambitious).

Must pat myself on the back, perhaps bragging just a little, but if I humbly compare myself to idol Mr. Oliver, I may very well win when it comes to being “hot while cooking". As far as I know, Jamie never wears high heels.


Today's shoes are Stuart Weitzman


Cooking and High-heel-ing

Cooking and High-heel-ing


Jump out of bed, into heels and dash to the kitchen. With my sister's big day just a day away I'm preparing the pre-party (aka dinner with family), and couldn't be more excited. Pity boyfriend can't see me, 100% sure he would love the concept of "straight from bed to kitchen". The big grin on my face is caused by today's shoes though, which are such a cheer up (color) and perfect for the average "housewife"-duties (aka certainly not desperate).

In fact, they may also have inspired the choices for the menu: fried eggs for the kids, blinis with trout caviar for the adults, and my home-made pumpkin soup with smoked duck breast and thyme: pretty much everything seems to be orange today (except for the chilled champagne, that would be pink).

Phew, and am so ready for a glass of the latter: having juggled pots, pans and the "helping" hands of my nephews for hours, am feeling quite a pumpkin (aka mess) myself. The award for kitchen mess, plus worst mani, make-up and hair goes to... the cook as always. But definitely deserve platinum for multitasking and "plateau" for the most beautiful high heels. Cheers!


Today's shoes are Marc Ellis
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The Good Wife

The Good Wive


With BF in the house again, am eager to spoil and ready to be a good wife. Pleasing my dearest with proper meal is on the menu, and since I am as much foodie as I am shoemanic (well, almost equally) and study a recipe with as much attention as I would net-a-porter, am daring to dive into the holy grail of sophisticated cooking: Julia Child's cookbook.

The poached egg it will be tonight, served with asparagus and truffles, and under Mrs. C's guidance (haha, it's EGGS, aka cooking for dummies), am sure to impress and shine by cooking up a 4-star heaven. How difficult could it be to let a raw egg slide into boiling water anyway?

Well ladies, 30 eggs, a stiff arm from twirling water with vinegar (awful smell in the house now), and a garbage bin full of something looking like a universe of exploded egg supernovas later, am now back to studying net-a-porter (100% positive to at least succeed there).
Oh, the dinner! Yeah... you know: nothing better than good old fried eggs with spinach and potato... Julia who?

Today's shoes are Carvela