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Furry little things always work…

Furry little things always work


Besides all the glitz and glam, the annual trip to Cannes, and the occasional fancy party until the early morning hours, working in the advertising industry can be quite a drag. It’s always the hunt for a better, fresher, more outstanding and “never executed before” idea which will keep you awake at night and working on weekends. Wrinkles from frowning will occur, nightmares from clients appear, and sometimes not even the heels you chose as the first layout of the day will help to cheer you up during hours and hours of meetings.

So whenever desperately searching for the big unique idea (and not finding it... AGAIN), the odd trick might be pulled, abusing the combined force of utter cuteness and putting babies (aaaaahw) or small fluffy animals (even aaaaaahw-er) right on spot and in your ad.
adobe creative suite 6 design standard
See, I had NO clue what to wear or write or photograph today, but with the little help of my furry friends (Heels size 37, dog size 34), it actually became kind of a decent post. So bring on that baby, I still have some stunts to pull until the end of the year.


Today’s shoes are Casadei

Thanks to the lovely helping hands (paws) of today's photo: Kim Floor-Vrielink, Caroline Kater, and Joep Doggie Dog.


The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby


Glitz, glam, decandence, titivating trash, heartbreaking kitsch and the robbing of every archive of costume and prop rental available is pretty much the synopsis of every Baz Luhrman movie (and a reason to go see them). In his latest attempt to lure us into a visual orgy you will very well feel like an extra in a Moët/Prada /Tiffany commercial too (aka would totally do it and be happy to be paid in kind).

So why the negativity? None of the reviews about the GG movie (by the way: great logo old sport!) I read were very positive, and I’m a bit surprised. Who cares if Baz is tone-deaf when dealing with nuanced human emotions or tragedy (- aren’t we dealing with those enough in real life?), or only aims for the over-the-top, operatic effect and not for the intimate (- be honest ladies, for real intimicy we go home, not to the movies, and cuddle our cat/BF/kids or shoes - optionally of course.)

To pay a little tribute to Mr. Luhrman's effort: this film will leave you very thirsty - dying for a sip of champagne - hungry for the next over the top party (YES! Slipping on a great pair of heels) and super keen to see a ... ergh....actually really good movie. Well, If that isn't positive! Bring it on baby!

Today’s shoes are not Prada. My jewellery (of course!) is Tiffany
Today’s photo was taken by Marco Bes at the lovely Krasnapolsky Hotel Amsterdam