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How to: The Military trend

How to: The Military trend


Last week when picking up a friend from the airport (working huge black sunglasses and a Starbucks- mug only, it was wayyyyyyy to early) I spotted a guy in a full spring/summer-trend outfit. Excited and still half asleep, I kicked BF and whispered: “Look, that’s how you work the military trend!”. Needless to say that I pointed out at a soldier in his uniform who picked up his fiancé (my fashion brain totally tricked me) but what can I say: THIS GEAR IS HOT. Even hotter as it’s not only sported for survival reasons (*hut* hut* hut* through the mud) but on every runway this spring too.

Back home and fully awake now it gave inspiration enough to dive into my closet and get carried away by camouflage prints, muddy greens, and earthy hues. Now you have a reason to cherish chunky boots, rough knits and work all of it “tone on tone”. Key essentials for the look: pockets everywhere (to store lipstick, mirrors, diaries, scented candles and whatever we carry around), heavy belts, laced shoes and of course the inevitable navy-pattern. You probably all have the key items in your wardrobe already, so feel free to get spirited up & fire away (no pun intended) with my guide above. For all the others I can recommend a visit to your local army store: hot dudes spotting all included.



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