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Autumn hues on the loose

Autumn hues on the loose!




Pappa November has gone crazy the past few days, pouring its painting pots all over the city.
Trees and bushes are tumbling into a punch drunk color frenzy, and so do I.

Well, at least the bottom of my closet was looking exactly like Amsterdam streets, all covered in a mess of luminous yellows and all the shades of red, pinks and browns you can think of. Yes, was adapting my closet for the lower temperatures, felt a little tipsy on texture, over dozed on bold tones and fell in a color coma.
When I woke up I had forced my BF to document me running in the wild with a bunch of flowers, kind of like an Olympic torch going in bat for my favorite season.

Good thing: I found many many gorgeous shoes which I abandoned in boxes over the summer.
Bad thing: I might still sit in a pile of bold tones arranging wild combinations oddly instinctive by spring.

If you are a prince, come along and kiss me out of my delicious delirium. Or forget about the kiss and bring a pair of heels instead. Bright colors and prints welcome.

Today’s shoes are my all time favorite Charlotte Olympia (which had slept in their box way too long)

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