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Kim and Kanye, who?

Kim and Kanye who?


The Aragonese Castle, nestled in a volcanic rock on the outer point of the island of Ischia has seen a lot in its history, but 200 party people from Brazil must definitely be a first. The medieval castle (casted as a wedding location for Kim and Kanye) was the magnificent setting for a beautiful couple to say “I do” and we rocked the ancient stones in a four-day-lasting-wedding-blast with pleasure.

Such a beautiful location to accidentally lose a heel on the steps pretending to be “you know who” and to get lost in the night mingling with the beautiful and fashionable crowd, all looking like they came straight out of an Dolce & Gabanna ad. Although of course I would never leave a Swarovsky crystallized Giuseppe Zanotti heel behind. Are you mad?

Cinderella would have been green with envy: this party didn’t stop at midnight, there was more than one Prince Charming, everyone looked Royal (Vogue Brazil didn’t cover the event for nothing) and our gorgeous friends Pedro & Tiele sparkled more than a 1000 glass slippers could ever do, sporting the most precious and priceless accessory of all time: LOVE.

Kim & Kanye who?
P.S.: Nobody turned into a pumpkin or mouse after celebrating as far as I now.

Today’s shoes are Giuseppe Zanotti

Dress: Roberto Cavalli | Jewellery: Versace | Clutch: Swarovski
There are more pics of the fantastic event on instagram. Follow the fun!

My Big Fat First Brazilian Wedding

My Big Fat First Brazilian Wedding


Although I knew that Brazilian weddings are huge, I had no idea what to expect when arriving at our almost last destination in Brazil: Curitiba.

On the private acres of our generous hosts (including three houses of relatives, own forest and horse stables) a tent is being built. A tent? It’s more like they're building a rock star concert stage (think Beyoncé), with a chapel built from scratch, dance floor for 800 people, buffet, bar, lounge and toilets that are bigger and more luxurious than in the Four Season's. Ah, and there is a glittery Miu Miu heel indicating the ladies room which I definitely would have snatched away (so beautiful!) had I known where the second one was hidden (it was my size!). And the party people! So glamorous and stylish I guess every red carpet would turn green with envy.

Had to plunder the mother of the bride's closet (thank you Danie, I will be forever grateful), since the flowery dress I brought suddenly didn't seem like such a good idea (patterns ladies, so NOT Brazilian wedding....) and I knew that the designer of the brides-dress (couture!) would be present personally. And yeah. That was all before I ruined my new pair of heels by dancing the night away with all the happy wedding crowd in the most beautiful setting ever. What a night to remember!

P.S.: Am still searching fot that second Miu Miu, but psssssst.... let's keep that our secret, OK?

Today’s shoes are Schutz, a Brazilian brand to keep an eye on!