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The laid back Cool

Laid back cool


Yes, I saw it coming. I was warned (fashion signs!), I was alarmed, I was prepared. Or actually, I was so not prepared to be tip-toeing (still in heels) around this summer's hottest trend, the *deep sigh*: advanced flat (aka grown up and pimped orthopaedic shoe).

When Heidi Klum came up with her first edition of crystallized Birkenstocks back in the 90s I could still turn a blind eye hoping that the lapse of taste would be temporary. And certainly I tried not to be blinded (aka totally eye and heel insulted) when I spotted certain creatures sporting the persistent “Adilette”, which already found its way into fashion magazines last season. Brrrrrrrrrr!

But what to do when flatforms are praised from Elle to Vogue as the new cool and promoted so fashionably? *Deep sigh again*: you try of course, even though for a heelalista this means lowering standards quite literally. Tricked everybody though because far away from home (nobody knows me) and on a boat (no heels allowed) everybody just thought I was so “laid back”. Now you delete that picture of me in flats from your long-term memory forever. This never happened and will just stay between you and me, OK?


Today’s shoes are H&M.
Fair enough when trying and discarding a trend

Bag: Mulberry | Bikini: H&M | Trousers: Emanuel Ungaro | Hat: Laura Ashley | Jewellery: Stylists own | Sunnies: Prada | Cropped Shirt: Things I like, Things I love

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Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!


Fog is hanging in big misty clouds and everybody is asleep. Everybody? No. One house is lit with tons of candles and you can hear people singing inside:

Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuuuuu,
I know you don't speak shoe,
don't fuss around like I do:
one of the million reasons I love youuuuuuuuuuuuu!

OK, that would be me singing, but with my sister's big day finally here (welcome to the Forty and Fabulous club!) and her having had a fridge full of bubbly installed in the living room (fantastic concept!) you can imagine coming up with some Pulitzer-worthy that rhymes is a bit of a long slur... eh, shot. We've been celebrating for three days now and am just incredibly happy to still be able to stand in my (incredible) high heels and to have gotten my lovely sis out of her average Birkenstock's (will mark today red in agenda) and straight into her Bruno Magli's. B-day-licious and am so proud of her! Very good reason to pop open another bottle of bubbly. (Don't worry, am not going to sing again).

Happy Birthday my sweet! Love you to bits!


Today's shoes are Gianni Marra
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