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Fashion Week Fierce | BYBROWN

Fashion Week Fierce  |  BYBROWN


Tall, sleek, city amazons are walking down the catwalk, transparent silk flattering their bodies, while exaggerated shoulders make their way down the aisle to pushy beats. It’s the debut of Melanie Brown’s relaunched label BYBROWN at Amsterdam fashion week, leading the selected fashion crowd to frantic applause.

Inspired by water and its restless molecules, Melanie surprised by combining materials such as lyocell bamboo, cork, leather and silk to artfully create a fierce yet feminine silhouette for the modern city woman.

Having been a fan of her work for years, I couldn’t be more proud to attend the show wearing an earlier creation of my designer friend: a couture dream of four layers of different fabrics, showing her craftmanship and eye for detail. Though I feel like a romantic princess and never want to take a step out of my gorgeous gown again, I am now eager to express my inner warrior. Ready to channel the new look of perfect asymmetry (how is it possible!), throwing on the exceptional cape/raincoat and off I will go as the strong fashion combatant pictured. Congratulations Melanie!

About today’s heels: shoe it!
With this kind of stunning outfit we will leave all credits to the dress won’t we?


Have a full look at BYBROWN's collection here!

Sometimes I wish…

Sometimes I wish...


Sometimes I wish...
college essay writing help“Daddy!”, the little girl sqeals, pulling the hand of a distinguished, but slightly enervated gentleman. And then again: “Daddyyyyy, may I have this? Pleeeeeease?” I am shopping for a present (yeah, BF in Vienna got a baby boy!) at Knotsknetter, a super cute shop for everything a child's heart could dream of, when this tone of voice, the big, begging eyes, and the quivering enthusiasm of the pupil reminds me of..... well: myself.

Obviously not very much has changed since I was little, just take me to any WTSSW (aka - Where They Sell Shoes- Walhalla) and I AM the grown up version of this excited kid. Shudders running down my spine as I spot another beautiful toy (shoe), another even more intriguing color, a different shape of leather, a more outrageous heel to potentially play with. And how often I just wish I had that sugar daddy, where a tug on the hand and the flutter of an eyelash would automatically trigger the use of a plastic device that is not permanently in the red (aka MY creditcard).

For today I will just buy that baby’s gift. And (like the screaming kid) go home pouting. Then play happily with the toys I already have. Sigh.

Today’s shoes are MiuMiu
Today’s photo was taken at the lovely Knotsknetter kinderwinkel.


Welcome to the world Louisa Luna Emilia!

Welcome to the world Louisa Luna Emilia!


It’s a very g

ood thing that I’m not writing my posts with ink and on paper, as today's would be a total mess. Am crying my heart out while typing, but it’s all tears of joy and happiness!

After nine months of awaiting her arrival, Louisa Luna Emilia finally could see the light of the world yesterday afternoon. I am o.v.e.r t.h.e m.o.o.n. with excitement (whoops- here come the tears again). Forget the hype about the royal baby (George who?) there’s a princess born in Amsterdam and all congratulations go to the happy family and especially the mother who -by the way- sported high heels until delivery and Jenny Peckham polka dots way before Kate Middleton.

Lou might be tiny now, but her almost 2800 grams of weight are NO DOUBT indicating that she will grow a shoe size 37 later in her life, which makes her without a question the heiress of my entire shoe collection one day. Jipieh!

And just because I’m so happy, I celebrated the big day with a new purchase for her future collection. Lou, you better start saving money for a decent shoe-closet now!


Today’s shoes are: oh my .... what are they? Might have pregnancy dementia.
P.S.: Today’s picture is the last taken with little Lou still IN the belly *brag*brag*


We’re having a baby!

We’re having a baby!


When I first met my lovely editor, we quickly found we had a lot in common. Most striking was probably that we both totally agreed that having children is not part of the picture for either of us. (NO: no “yet” added, and YES: at this age it’s kind of nice to have a partner in “no kid” crime…)

Don’t get us wrong, it’s not that we don’t LIKE children. In fact: we love them. 

We just thought ourselves very very clever, staying away from the real responsibilities that come with being a mother: Not a single day off, the worries (will he/she do OK), the constant bother… Totally proud, but totally exhausted parents: that’s just not our thing. We thought.

Until she told me (with slight panic in her voice) that she would be on vacation for a couple of days.
As in: “OMG, what about the blog?!”. At that moment I realized: We totally have a baby already!
It’s called “Shoemanic” and we love it so dearly that we put everything else second. Raccoon eyes and sleepless nights anyone?
Don’t worry though “Mamma editor”, “Mamma mispronunciation” will try to babysit decently for a couple of days.


Today’s shoes are LemonDry
P.S.: This very baby is fed on Prosecco rather than Milupa.