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Sleeping beauty

Sleeping Beauty


Don’t really know where the idea comes from that January is a quiet month. First of all there's a hangover from New Years Eve to cure (hammers in your head are everything BUT quiet), so it all starts with a “bang” quite literally. Then there are all the new year resolutions which keep you busy to NOT maintain. And believe me, a bad conscience is never really silent too.

Before you know it, final SALE has started everywhere (RUSH!), award season is in full swing (sleepless nights watching red carpet events on telly), and fashion week internationally tingles your fashion brain from New York to Paris and back (no rest for the wicked). Shew. I wanna be everywhere, soak everything in and “outsh” look pretty in heels by all means at all times, when my toes are screaming (not very demurely) out loud for flats and comfy wear.

Hope no one is going to bother me during the nap I am about to take. Totally “Sleeping beauty” style- a 100 years appreciated. Princes to kiss me awake, please queue up here.


Today’s shoes are Kelsi Dagger

Stars and Starlets

Stars and Starlets


I love January for two reasons: It’s SALE everywhere and Hollywood’s Award Season officially opens:
the perfect excuse to never leave the house (except to score some cuties on SALE) 
and binge your way through all the nominated films.

Spent all night yesterday watching the globes with my buds “ZA” and “NOTTI”, 
had way too much popcorn and champagne and (of course) overslept mercilessly this morning,
but YESSS! - it was all worth it. Nothing better than dressing up at home for the occasion, treating yourself with a “glamicure”, having a blast judging Stars and Starlets, red carpet outfits, hair-do’s, and acceptance speeches from afar.

Sleep deprivation? So not Globes at all! 

No doubt though that (besides all the gossip: I so do not wanna have what Jacqueline Bisset was having, but definitely the Louboutin’s Emma Thompson dropped at her speech...) the true winners of yesterday night were my fabulous, FABULOUS shoes. *Voice dramatically sobbing*: 
“And I wanna thank Paul Warmer for their generosity, Guiseppe for always making my feet look pretty, and my patient boyfriend who snored through the night and couldn’t care less about the glitz and glam of a heelalista’s-world.
L.o.v.e. y.o.u. a.l.l.!!!!!!”

Today’s shoes are Guiseppe Zanotti.

Available (and on Sale) at Paul Warmer now.