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Shoetation wherever you go.

Shoetation wherever you go!


Packed to the max - (for safety reasons really: 22,7 kg only allows a shopping spree of 0,3 kg which definitely CAN’T be a new pair of heels) - I arrived in Bavaria last week as a living surpise for my lovely mother’s birthday. Although she surpised me really by arriving with a huge shoe box which had landed in her mail. Over hugs, kisses and champagne I could hardly wait to open MY present, which wasn't (unlike me) decorated with a huge red ribbon, but the content made me as happy as a child on Christmas morning.

Two delicate heels (oh, the smell of Italian leather gets me higher than bubbly), sent from übercool shoe store Shoetation (a must visit!): what bliss! Turned out that during the whole week I spent with my family (from long lunches in the city over visiting the country side and even climbing a mountain!) I didn’t even touch one of the heels I had brought. Today’s Gianni Marra’s are simply the perfect fit for all occasions: the perfect ladylike accessory, and they turned heads wherever I went (well, that counts especially when you're at 2.000 meters).

About that limit of 23 kg when travelling back.... well, shall we just not mention it at all?


Today’s shoes are Gianni Marra
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Happy Holidays!

Happy Holiday!


Only one day left in good old 2014 and I find myself at the most gorgeous, yet coldest location ever. While jumping up and down in the park of Klessheim, Austria, I can’t help the thought that this very moment pretty much resembles the extremes of this year.

I’m not a big fan of quotes (unless they contain the words “high heels” or make me giggle (like “DON’T READ THE NEXT WORDS...... “oh - you little rebel I like you”.....), but if there’s something that I learned to be true, it’s that it’s worth to fight for your beliefs: no matter what. There will always be doubters, haters and non-believers but there will also always be YOU to prove them wrong. And YES, you can do it (even when you are freezing your toes off). And YES, keep your dreams as high as the heels that you are wearing.
What 2015 will bring? I have no idea, but I am excited to share it with you. Thank you for being part of all sore feet, blisters, highs- and lows measured in heels 2014.

Happy Holidays my dear shoelovers, I hope we will meet again in 2015!


Today’s shoes are Balmain
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One pair of missing Jimmys and a real Cinderella story

One pair of missing Jimmys and a real Cinderella story


As we do every year, friends and I (aka a couple of heels) gathered to watch the Eurovision Songcontest, and gosh! This year's show was killing me! Originally from Austria but living in the Netherlands for such a long time now, watching the race between Austria’s Wurst-Princess and Dutch Ilse de Lange (in Claes Iversen and Jimmy Choo) was a nail-biting experience and the result almost blew me out of my own heels while bouncing through the living room in total delight.

It’s not only that Austria won. It’s the statement that won; about being bullied forever for being different and actually being an outcast but not being afraid to keep on going and believing. What a pleasure to see there was support for this statement throughout Europe, and how lovely to prove all disbelievers and negative thinkers wrong. Happy ending!

And Ilse! I think the only thing worse than coming second is that someone stole your Jimmys before the show (myself a firm believer that the right heel is always a lucky charm). But let’s toast to heels, great performances, being a tad different than everybody else, and always, ALWAYS believing in yourself whatever the odds. Tomorrow I will grow a beard.


Today’s shoes are not Jimmy Choo but glittery as such.
It's just only today that I found out that actually a friend of mine wrote the winning song.
A double win! Congratulations Conchita and Ali!

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Some of you may have seen that I was recently featured on, the website of an Austrian newspaper whose name should actually speak for itself. Having beaten articles about Maison Martin Margiela and exhibition openings in number of comments, I was puzzled though, when I read through the reactions. To my amusement they read like a combination of "The Sun" and "People", with some fellows even starting to fight each other. Also remarkable how many "doctors" (aka self proclaimed orthopedists) read the lifestyle section of a newspaper and are obviously worried about my heel-being. Respect for the above average knowledge about splay foot, varicose veins, Pes valgo planus- and Pes excavatus, ganglion, and other foot disabilities I've never even heard of.

So to all those worried and concerned: of course shoetation is too big (literally!), and I will never give up running in anything BUT 4 inches. Especially not when they come with the most gorgeous and delicate heel as they do today. But took precautions doing the groceries for my sister's upcoming bash and bought a walker. My new standard so to say.

Just so you know that I take my readers seriously.


Today's shoes are Marc Ellis

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Anniversary ♥



Six years ago I came to the Netherlands to show my portfolio around (it was pure coincidence that Amsterdam was first on my international list, guess cheap ticket equals more shoes....) and bumped into this guy with huge sideburns and glasses. Our first (heated) conversation was about Rammstein and when he insisted on bringing me home I thought: "Dear god, please don't let this be a cheap excuse to get invited in for some coffee (aka try to steal some kisses). I remember the outfit AND the heels I was wearing that night, plus that he simply didn't. Try. Anything. At. All.

Which left me (obviously) with only one thought: WHAT THE HEEL IS WRONG? Well. To make a long story short, we did kiss at one point and three months later I found myself moving a truck filled with heels from Austria to Amsterdam to live with the most extraordinary man I'd ever met. Guess circumstances totally justify some cheesiness:

I loved you then
I love you still
I always have
I always will.

Silly fool who thinks I'm referring to my (nonetheless lovely) Escada boots.
Happy anniversary love! ♥


Today's shoes are Escada