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Wedding Mania!

Wedding Mania!


This year seems the official year-of-love with so many weddings, that the fashion-head get’s a little dizzy due to all outfit choices: never prettier than the bride, no white, still festive, you know the rules. Plus, my feet still hurt from the last wedding party, Dr. Scholl to the rescue, please!!!

So when BFF not only called to attend his “I do” in Vienna recently but also to perform with him on stage to surprise the bride, it was clear to opt for a more edgy gown than you would normally expect for a formal, and sometimes “let’s all die in elegance” event. Think Guns N' Roses meets Nina Simone. So besides the heels (which I almost killed during the entrance song: Nomen est omen since it was 'Mr. Brightside' by The Killers), I NEEDED that top hat and feather boa, or have you ever seen Slash on stage without his hat or any jazz singer without feathers dramatically draped around his or her neck? Needless to say it also comes in handy to wear a detachable skirt to strip your outfit from ceremony to party: it helps competing with the sunrise while still moving wildly to disco tunes.

As far as the performance went, thanks for asking, I definitely played with all I got. Meaning, a lot of Dior “Pandore 754” Varnis which will now remain on the black & white keys forever.

Today’s shoes are some hot red pretty soles, which were shipped to the emergency room (aka heel doctor) with severe fractures immediately after the event.


Skirt and Top: Armani | Chiffon oversized skirt: Rimaniscento | Clutch: AlexanderMcQueen
Top Hat: Laura Dolls | Feather boa: Your average party store

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All pics by Nadine Poncioni

Beloved Routines



It's getting unbelievably cold and as I see no possibility to walk today's Stiletto cuties anywhere outside the house, had to take them somewhere warmer (and steamier: they definitely deserve some warmth): the bath tub. While humming to myself and foaming hair, eyes got stuck on shampoo bottle (not that I ever do any kind of advertising here, but it's Andrélon...) and with it's slogan started to think about beloved routines which we celebrate every day.

Petting your children\dog\hubby\high heels in the morning for instance. Or going through the same motions of filling the coffee maker with water every day. Applying mascara everywhere BUT on your lashes, and picking your nose at a red light to work... They all become such a common practice, but there's actually nothing common to it at all. Guess what am trying to say is that will damn-heel miss it, jumping out of bed, kissing hubby, petting shoes, putting water in the coffee maker, jumping into heels, building set, taking picture, writing, (picking nose) and posting in... *sigh* almost 23 days.
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And guess what, while whining and self pitying, moi managed to mess up my other number one routine this year: just cut myself the size of Africa (if my legs were the world) while shaving. Will rank swearing higher on beloved routine list from now on.


Today's shoes are Armani
Today's plaster is Hansaplast


Cheap thrills


Walk-in closet is almost bursting… have been doing a great job over the years of collecting not only shoes, but apparently every single piece of clothing I have worn (or mostly even: haven’t worn). I need to store everything in boxes, in which I never seem able to find anything, so all the beauties are sleeping, waiting to get out one day.

Well, this very day will be tomorrow.

Have decided to drag myself - in flats (eish!) - and man a stand at the IJhallen flea market (Amsterdam Noord) for the day. The perfect way to make room in my house, and other gals happy with cheap thrills. We’re talking (weren’t that cheap back then) Dior (limited pieces), YSL (one piece) and a lot of unworn Mango, Zara etc.
As we speak, I’m busy separating Designer from High street items. 

Hmmm, shall I really get rid of my Escada suit? Worn once, needs to go (heart bleeding). The Armani blouse then, keep, keep, keep, *sigh* must go too. 
And my *sobb* Dolce & Gabbana trousers (way too big, why did I buy it in the first place?)……. *sobb*sobb*.
Need Prosecco immediately to wash down pain of parting (Am secretly holding aside never worn Marc Jacobs skirt and Jonathan Saunders dress though… or should I…….). Never mind. If you are curious and up for scoring some cool “new” things you all must come: will be selling shoes too!


Today’s shoes are ZARA