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Balance, bitch!

Balance, bitch!


Decided to do something special this month by featuring some of my most memorable blog experiences of 2014. This very first editorial is dedicated to all the seemingly impossible shooting locations and it describes my January mood: nothing is impossible if you are just stubborn enough to go for it.

So I found myself in the most ridiculous moments, battling extraordinary wind forces while shooting a (überprecious) designer gown which left me flashing underwear at 7 am in the morning in the Dutch dunes (sorry dear morning joggers, I didn’t mean to frighten you). Or freezing in a La Perla lace (!) dress in April on the beach. Anyone who has ever tried dancing in heels on sand please high five me now.

Shooting at 2000 meters above sea level was another moment where I thought: “stupid me, who is afraid of heights anyway?”. While digging out a 100 tiny pebble stones from under my heels I was cursing the idea (who did come up with that?!) of balancing on pointy rocks. Last but least I will never forget the moment a beardy woman won the Eurovision Song Contest, dancing the night away in bare enthusiasm.

May that be the spirit of the new year: it’s all possible as long as your footwear is not abandoning you and as long as you balance it out!

Big love!

Today’s shoes are various | Illustrations by Sella Molenaar
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The other weekend I had the pleasure of enjoying the island of Ameland, a place with less than 3.533 living souls (half of them sheep) where the word “wedge” is probably mistaken for a sort of rare fish breed or a spare part for bikes. Here's what you do on this island: you cycle, hang out in the dunes and eat fish. But not my lovely photographer Nancy and me though: we were trying to put those shoes no one has ever heard of in perspective. Literally.

While trying to listen to Nancy’s orders from 20 meters away ("Foot higher, higher! More to the back - lower, hold it, HOLD IT!) balancing on one foot, I couldn't help but compare the awkward situation to (yeah sorry, it’s so tacky....): life.

We all have these ideas and will try to make them work, even while standing on not-so-solid ground, looking ridiculous. It might not work at first and we could fail and fall, only to get back on our feet again, simply to do it better the next time. A stiff breeze might blow and you might swear your guts out, but eventually everything will fall into place (aka perspective) and in retrospect it just looks so easy. WOW!

I actually never thought a pair of 12 centimeter heels could teach me a lesson. Thank you wedges, and thank you Nancy!


Today’s shoes are ZARA

Today's photo was taken by the lovely Nancy Cornelissen


Keeping up with the Kardashians


Each time I come along on one of these Ameland-weekends, I find myself more than a little envious of the “massive talent” gathered here.

Everyone can play an instrument, DJ or sing… I even find myself envying the parents for their obvious parenting talent (judging by their lovely kids).
And I’m pretty sure hitting the tambourine (more or less in time) doesn’t really add to the party…

But then I thought of the Kardashians. They seem to live a happy life despite their lack of any talent. So I am curious: can I at least keep up the Kardashian style for the remainder of my time here in the middle of nowhere?

Well, I’ve already made a start in being famous for nothing on the island (you should have seen people’s faces as we were shooting on a horse in glitter, lace and 12 inch heels). But just to be sure, I talk boyfriend in to doing some “X-rated” things, film it and accidentally hand the tape to the company’s PR.

The rest of the day I eat (well, someone needs to work on a butt here!),  study the internet (check if anyone has written about my X-tape yet) and do my nails while reading an article about new shoe designer Elisabetta Franchi who just released her brand new shoe collection.
Luckily, I already have a pair (of course my favorite shoe store was the first to have them in stock): the perfect choice to end a fantastic weekend, waving Ameland goodbye.
Satisfied, I jump on my private plane, pretty sure I kept up with the Kardashians very well.


Today’s shoes are Elisabetta Franchi
P.S.: Today’s photo was taken by the lovely Nancy Cornelissen