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Win Win

Win Win


I don’t know about you ladies, but (even though have never won) I'm a sucker for seeking my fortune. It's not just Charlie Sheen who thinks “winning” is totally “now”, so a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. That twist-off cap promising you a fabulous trip to the Caribbean? Totally went to their website. That poll on any high-fashion-brand luring you to enter for a chance to win a seasonal outfit tip to toe? Check! Oh, and not to mention the numerous scratch-and-win tickets I love to collect, waiting for the right moment to scratch them open (BF thinks I’m crazy, but that’s another story and might very well been told another time...)

Never giving up though, it's all for a good cause. Just imagine how many good things you could do after hitting some jackpot! A whole new alphabet of opportunities would open its doors (from A (aka Altuzarra) over L (Loubies come to Mamma!) to Z (aka Zanotti - a staple in any heels wardrobe anyway).

But whatever method you might fancy to win that golden pot: try your luck adding a decent heel to your outfit you're at it. You'll remember that lucky pair forever. I'd say very win win indeed.


Today’s shoes are Buffalo