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A|W 2015 Lookbook: Beautiful Blacks

A|W 2015 Lookbook: Beautiful Blacks


The best thing about September might be that you can indulge and dream about all the new season keypieces while it’s still warm, and you don’t have to bother how the hell you should pull off that sheer dress when it’s actually -5 degrees. I also always (!) kinda fall into a sort of color frenzy (The new red! The bright blue! The “why not” green!), secretly knowing that after a month of trying hard to twerk all that perky hues my mind (together with extremely slowed down bodily functions due to the COLD!!!) settles in a sort of achondroplasia (read: fashion hibernation) as well.

From that moment on, black will dominate my wardrobe, and socks and boots will become a staple while I’m already dreaming about Spring (and new sandals) yet to arrive. So why not safe all the hassle and focus on BLACK from the very beginning, even better when all the delicious trends come in a desaturated version anyway. Regardless the season: black will always stay the new pink, and to sport a little gothic chic this winter is anything but depressing (or in my case: laziness). Hope you have fun with my Lookbook!

Today’s heels are various
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