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Disco! Disco!

Disco Disco!


If there were an award for smudging mascara all over every single pillow, waking up still in full disco gear (heels included) after yet another night of partying, I probably won triple gold this weekend.
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With Discox, SheilaE in concert, and the MTV awards in town (Beliebers, you can stop screaming now, the Bieb is still cuddling his Teddy bear in Rio and did not show...) there was no rest for the wicked at all, and how could there be when the glittering light of just another disco ball seduced everybody to keep on dancing?

Snoop Dogg (celebrating his 20 year anniversary with a special DJ-gig), Miley, (visiting Pancake- and Coffeshop, I don’t know what got her more high...) and Katy Perry (rooaaaaaar!), they all rocked their soles (Sheila won in stunning 10 inch heels) until the morning hours, and Amsterdam got its 3 days of fame for sure.

Wohooo, disco, disco! If you’ll excuse me now, have to catch some sleep WITHOUT my heels on for once.

Today's shoes are Paul Warmer
P.S.: Sorry for the quality of today's picture: couldn't help to keep it real and catch the atmosphere at 4 o clock in the morning at Leidseplein after the official afterparty of the afterparty...


World's End

World's End


Have been busy researching the "World's end" (which is today), as I'm a) just plain curious, and b) a total control freak who just needs to know what to expect. Should I start gathering favorite heels, along with my phone charger and lock myself in the bathroom, or will BF and our stock of champagne do? (Then at least there will be some entertainment going on). Shall I wear Prada (psychodelic patterns seem appropriate) or my Versace leather dress (more dramatic somehow)?

The ancients themselves say surprisingly little about what will actually occur at the end of their calendar, and I just wish someone had published "The Mayan Prophecy for Dummies". Or made a checklist of how to prepare (come on: Net-a-porter does that all the time!). Last but not least am really worried about electricity and co. Candles will not put my blog online, and am pretty sure you wouldn't want to miss today's marvellous pic, "in the world" (haha, no pun intended).

Whatever will happen today though: just checked in on the list for the World's end afterparty. +1000! So if you have nothing else to do, please feel free to join me. Oh, and bring summery dresses, wedges and stuff. Might get hot at 999 degrees.


Today's shoes are Invito