“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

Summer, no Summer.

I stopped complaining about the weather situation in the Netherlands long ago, since you simply can’t change or influence weather conditions, and wasting energy is so not my thing. But when summer sandals, open toe heels and neat summery suedes start getting dusty in June for not being worn, you know for sure something is wrong. Not to mention that pantyhose and double layer pullovers are still a wardrobe staple. *sigh*

So let’s face it, its bad (not to say worst summer EVER) and it seems the only option to brighten a day is to put on some shiny leathers in the hope that some sun beam reflection will make its way to your face and give you some tan at least. (Carrying a full body sun reflector seems so 90ies after all). At least the “high profile sole” trend makes sense now, they make it so much easier jumping through water puddles and mud. Lucky you, if they do not come in white. Well, happy summer\nosummer everybody!


Today’s shoes are ZARA
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