“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”


Some of you may have seen that I was recently featured on standard.at, the website of an Austrian newspaper whose name should actually speak for itself. Having beaten articles about Maison Martin Margiela and exhibition openings in number of comments, I was puzzled though, when I read through the reactions. To my amusement they read like a combination of "The Sun" and "People", with some fellows even starting to fight each other. Also remarkable how many "doctors" (aka self proclaimed orthopedists) read the lifestyle section of a newspaper and are obviously worried about my heel-being. Respect for the above average knowledge about splay foot, varicose veins, Pes valgo planus- and Pes excavatus, ganglion, and other foot disabilities I've never even heard of.

So to all those worried and concerned: of course shoetation is too big (literally!), and I will never give up running in anything BUT 4 inches. Especially not when they come with the most gorgeous and delicate heel as they do today. But took precautions doing the groceries for my sister's upcoming bash and bought a walker. My new standard so to say.

Just so you know that I take my readers seriously.


Today's shoes are Marc Ellis

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