“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

Spot On!

I was so pinked-up, sporting pink from head to toe these past days, that BF must believe he's dating Barbie now, or Nicki Minaj at least. Well ok, maybe the bright neon lipstick was a bit too much (oops, maybe smootching him all over his moustache before he entered a gay bar with his DJ buddies on Saturday night wasn't that good idea...) as was me indulging in rosé wine and Cosmopolitans only (-very pink aka present headache!).

But can't deny that this color therapy totally worked: am feeling as vivid as a scattered pigment in a Jackson Pollock painting or one of the polka dots in Yayoi Kusama's art: utterly alive. Can't be a coincidence that I'm drawn to everything colorful now, even doing the laundry (pink Vanish Oxi Action) and vacuum cleaning (bright yellow vacuum cleaner) seems fun. And posing in a darn cold studio? Well, blame it on the hot spring collection available at Daniele Dentici that I do so with a bright smile and the greatest pleasure.

I say spot on for color in any shape or form and for what it's worth: I will have another Cosmo now.


Today's shoes are Tiffi via Daniele Dentici