“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

Shoetation wherever you go!

Packed to the max - (for safety reasons really: 22,7 kg only allows a shopping spree of 0,3 kg which definitely CAN’T be a new pair of heels) - I arrived in Bavaria last week as a living surpise for my lovely mother’s birthday. Although she surpised me really by arriving with a huge shoe box which had landed in her mail. Over hugs, kisses and champagne I could hardly wait to open MY present, which wasn't (unlike me) decorated with a huge red ribbon, but the content made me as happy as a child on Christmas morning.

Two delicate heels (oh, the smell of Italian leather gets me higher than bubbly), sent from übercool shoe store Shoetation (a must visit!): what bliss! Turned out that during the whole week I spent with my family (from long lunches in the city over visiting the country side and even climbing a mountain!) I didn’t even touch one of the heels I had brought. Today’s Gianni Marra’s are simply the perfect fit for all occasions: the perfect ladylike accessory, and they turned heads wherever I went (well, that counts especially when you're at 2.000 meters).

About that limit of 23 kg when travelling back.... well, shall we just not mention it at all?


Today’s shoes are Gianni Marra
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