“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

Rock ’n Roll Weekend

With boyfriend out of town as he's off to enchant the advertising crowd of “Eurobest” in Lisboa, am going to get some countryside air as well and visit favorite guitar player (whom you already met earlier this year) in Germany.

On the schedule just the usual when hanging out with a Rock star: not getting any sleep, having whiskey for breakfast, snorting ants, dancing on tables naked (only in heels of course), getting a tattoo (and not remembering the next day) and making a Rock Star baby. Haha - the latter was a joke of course. But definitely on the list is marvelling at a guitar collection that would make Elvis jump right back into his glitter suit and on stage (if he could), and my “heel collection” look like some nerdy gal’s side hobby. (which it.. ergh... actually is).
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As for the rest of the hot party stuff: FGP and moi are actually so tired (he from touring this year, me from my “nerdy gal’s hobby") that we almost fall asleep before even having opened a bottle. Rock ’n Roll weekends are definitely the new detox. Cheerio.


Today’s shoes are D’squared

Question remaining: where the hell is this tatoo coming from?

Today's photo was taken by the lovely Adriano Batolba