“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

Reputation Ruined... Forever

When I do my shopping (groceries; which, other than shoe shopping is just a necessity not pleasure) I'm mostly incognito (aka looking like (.....) insert swearword of choice please). There are a couple of "do's" to conceal the drama (sunglasses and hat obviously), and I always try to pull the trick the dude in Patrick Süsskind's "Parfum" practices and not leave a scent (aka disappear from everybody's olfactory radar). So it struck me as rather odd that while comparing cucumbers at my local supermarket I spotted this lady giving me "the look". Tried to escape to dairy section, but there she was again scanning me curiously. Must have major pimple or something, and started to doubt my choice of sunglasses (too summery?) or deodorant (did it fail?).

Quickly fled to the checkout lane, where stalker just happened to show up, standing right behind me. "Excuse me" she asked me in the friendliest manner, "sorry to bother you, but aren't you the girl from that shoe blog?" Was so puzzled that I almost fell over stacked baskets and actually had to think twice before I understood what she was talking about. Oh! How nice! (pause for reflection) really? "Yes"!
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Can you believe this? Am blog-elebrity, and almost danced out of the Dirk. Whoopie, what an enthusiastic 15 minute shoe talk can do! Until I realised one tiny thing. Wasn't exactly wearing High Heels... Damn! Reputation may very well be ruined forever.


Today' shoes are Pollini