“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”


Relationships are a funny thing. Enriching and comforting, powerful or destructive, you will grow with them and always be challenged. So never underestimate the relationship that you build with - yes, of course - a shoe.

It appears they're not so different from the ones you build with the living. Think love at first sight: a mutual and genuine understanding that you will be mates for a long time, or the fact that some leather friend only reveals its beauty or “fit” after you have spent some time with them (aka got over the blisters and walked them in). You need to know if they are good sports after a couple of drinks (reliable to carry you) and whether they enhance your mood in tough times. Well, as for the latter: non of my shoes ever complained when I told them silly, slow or perhaps even slightly boring stories: EVER!

And teaming up with today's cuties I can kick ass, feel strong and will still feel beautiful even when acting dorky. Bring on Wladimir Klitschko: this relationship is built to last forever.

Today’s shoes are L’enfant Terrible
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