“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

Rachel Zoe would go Bananas

Whenever watching a red carpet event and hearing some of the celebs announce that their outfit was chosen by their orphans: (“Ah, you know just something my daughter picked”, “my boy loves to color” etc....) my toenails crumble in despair. A generation of stylists is probably wheeping in their designer dresses too, seeing their hard work attacked and a whole profession taken over by toddlers.

Being the auntie to four minors, I recently found myself in the odd situation of presenting half the interior of my suit... ergh: shoecase to a curious male (!) audience the quarter of my age. And to my surprise they were obsessed with one of my favorite Shoetation heels this season (“boah cool, they're camouflage”, “waaaaaow, is this real snake - can I feel it?”, “Hey, give it to me”- “No, I wanna have it” and so on...), so I asked them to help with today’s photo. I mean they are just kids, right? But bursting with pride I will totally brag now whenever someone asks about today's set, styling, combination and even execution of the photo which they did all by themselves. "Oh, you know, just something my 4 to 9 year old nephews came up with".

Rachel Zoe would just go bananas!


Today’s shoes are Spazio
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