“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”


Haven't been in Berlin for six years, so am expecting to find a lot of things different. Certainly the "smell" of the city has changed from Curry Wurst to Döner Kebap, but other than that, am surprised that style-wise I find everything still stuck in 2006.

Guys (the hip and cool section)- wrap their beardy necks in scarfs every shape and form, while the intellectuals (isn't everybody in Berlin intellectual?) wear corduroy pants (brown) combined with sleevless pullovers (brown checked pattern) and headgear (brown). Kind of a camouflage look to fit the color pattern at the BIO-alternative supermarkets which popped up at every corner. The ladies therefor still fancy to sport slouchy boots and full lenght skirts (am kind of jealous of the effortless chic) and a messy bun.

But blame it on all the Punks who still can be spotted everywhere, that I believed a combination of studded heels and neon-printed tiger legging (Nina Hagen would be so proud of me) would totally fit the fashion doctrine of the city. That was of course before a four year old pointed out at me shouting: "Mamma, look at the funny woman. Can I have that outfit for carnival?"

Duh. Punk'd.


Today's shoes are River Island