“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

Pop of Color!

Almost every decent fashion blogger I know has at least one spring post that begins with the words: “It was such nice weather this weekend that I couldn’t resist matching my summery mood with the brightest colors in my closet.” Quite original right? Later in the year it will be all about how to sport white and how it’s such a fantastic contrast to your tan.... but who can blame them!

With the first flirty sun beams out, I caught myself (guess it’s a natural fashion instinct) removing all the spider-webs from my peep toe boxes, lovingly dusting yellow satin and “attention blue” leather, when some frenzy kicked in. All of a sudden the living room looked like some clowns had quite the swinger party and left without their clothes and heels (question to myself: do clowns wear heels?): but wow! How cheerful!

So here you have it: am coming out of the closet as well. As a sucker for the first pop of color of the year that is. Let’s wait until the sun has done it’s job and I have a nice tan shall we? I almost can’t wait to write about how gorgeously white pumps support summery glowing skin.


Today’s shoes are Dolce&Gabbana, Dsquared, ZARA

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