“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

One pair of missing Jimmys and a real Cinderella story

As we do every year, friends and I (aka a couple of heels) gathered to watch the Eurovision Songcontest, and gosh! This year's show was killing me! Originally from Austria but living in the Netherlands for such a long time now, watching the race between Austria’s Wurst-Princess and Dutch Ilse de Lange (in Claes Iversen and Jimmy Choo) was a nail-biting experience and the result almost blew me out of my own heels while bouncing through the living room in total delight.

It’s not only that Austria won. It’s the statement that won; about being bullied forever for being different and actually being an outcast but not being afraid to keep on going and believing. What a pleasure to see there was support for this statement throughout Europe, and how lovely to prove all disbelievers and negative thinkers wrong. Happy ending!

And Ilse! I think the only thing worse than coming second is that someone stole your Jimmys before the show (myself a firm believer that the right heel is always a lucky charm). But let’s toast to heels, great performances, being a tad different than everybody else, and always, ALWAYS believing in yourself whatever the odds. Tomorrow I will grow a beard.


Today’s shoes are not Jimmy Choo but glittery as such.
It's just only today that I found out that actually a friend of mine wrote the winning song.
A double win! Congratulations Conchita and Ali!

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