“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

One More Trip

Am packing suitcase one last time this year to head back home to Amsterdam (gained weight over the past days will equal exact amount of Xmas presents we dropped off) and am just plain tired. Travelling this year (something around 7 times) was quite a challenge and included preparations that came close to scientific research: "Select heels you haven't worn yet, combine and match them with location and climate you have never seen or experienced and an outfit that brings everything together, plus write about it in a funny way". Haha (aka not so funny when you're leaving the house for anything longer than a weekend).

Don't know exactly when I dropped my habit of "Polaroiding" my outfit combinations (adding little handwritten side notes) this year before even touching my suitcase - somewhere along the way it all turned into more of a: "You know what, skip the outfit, and just wear the damn heels, will ya?" thingy. Duh. But today is the last day of traveling documented on this very blog, so hope lovely readers will have mercy with me and not pay too much attention to a) set (Salzburg's airport didn't prepare anything colorwise), b) outfit (it's 8 in the morning and f**** cold) and c) heels (which I just quickly picked up at the mall as I didn't wanted to ruin new Manohlo's at airport). Questions? Well, you have my email and three days left to complain about it.


Today's shoes are Graceland