“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

On the road

I have been on the road for three days past weekend, supporting one of my favorite bands, the AdrianoBaTolba Orchestra. Eutin, our final destination might not be the sexiest place on earth (aka, it's in the middle of nowhere and you wonder if there is such thing as a fox and a hare to bid each other goodnight at all...), but it is THE place to be if you are working some Blues tunes.

And hell, they boys did! Above you find a little road map of all the destinations (four cities in three days, check!) and some favorite Rock 'n Roll heels that I packed. Despite I have to say: the only thing you really need, is a bunch of patches to cover your blisters from dancing and loads of stamina, because these guys not only can play: they can party like world champions as well.

Big X!

Today's shoes are: Prada | H&M | Dolce&Gabbana | Foerever21

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