“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

Obsession of April

THE big day for the Netherlands has arrived, and I can only assume it’s also the day that Queen Elizabeth is glimpsing at the Nethererlands in anxiety and whispering in Charles’s ear: “Don’t get any silly ideas, son!”: The last Queensday celebrating Beatrix after having served her country for 25 (?) years and the coronation of the new King Prince Willem Alexander has arrived!

Anticipated by all (expect Elizabeth probably), promoted in the news to the max, I honestly don't expect anybody is reading shoe blogs today, but all are rather out and about, dressed up in the national colours (so wish it wasn't orange: SO. NOT. FLATTERING) and celebrating their hearts out. A massive spectacle to be consumed annually “royalty free” -as long as you can bear the madness and the amount of beverages washed down of course.

Reason enough though to dedicate today’s “Obsessions of the month” to royalty in general. A little alternative thinking on the subject, (also for those who might prefer staying at home and not ruining their heels by exposing them to the “mob” on the streets...) but on the other hand: Nothing wrong with pulling off a tiara once in a while. So off I am as well: have to say “Bye Bye Bea” and “Hello Willi” too. Long live the Queen!


Today’s shoes are Cube