“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

Obsessions of December

Heaven on earth is (besides my favorite heels dealer) a small place in Bavaria where I always spend Christmas with my family. And every year December is the month to prepare to go there: for the gifts - to give away, and the ones Santa might bring (aka heels, high heels, peeptoes, pumps?).

Of utter importance are also the outfits (and footwear) to shine in (neatly arranged for every day to avoid confusion due to alarming consumption of champagne). The fake lashes I plan to glue perfectly, the glittery manicure to impress with, that sparkling party dress. I never manage to actually sport any of the above because I always end up dancing wildly with the kids, still in my PJ’s, to “What the Fox says”, have a fish to fillet or a duck to unbone for the festive meal (there goes the nail polish), and who cares about the perfect blow out, or shiny dress when you can cuddle with the family in front of the fire anyway.

But yeah. December is all about that glitter (wish list) and the gold: reality. As in gratitude, modesty, and happiness. And that MUST HAVE Chanel purse of course (see above).
Have a happy end of the year everyone!


Today’s shoes are Dune