“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”


Believe it or not, I didn't buy ANY heels in Germany due to too tight schedule (aka giving priority to meeting up with my real friends instead of the ones that come with a heel and end up in my closet). Accordingly, my hunger for some beautiful, exciting designs (aka possible new friends) is as huge as having been on a diet for too long. Very much Pavlov's dog, except I'm not drooling and fantasizing about chocolate, but feeling the usual tingle in my feet (read: heel fever).

Have no choice but must rush to my number one heel dealer Paul Warmer, the sugarfactory for those who are addicted to sweets (the leather version). And am so not disappointed. Here they all align: soft leathers (YSL!), shiny heels (Guiseppe Zanotti!), studded beauties (Balmain!) and OH MY DSQUARED2: almost D.I.E as I'm handed today's stunning pair by lovely PW crew (they certainly know what makes a girl happy!).
Aren't they just designed for a princess?

Am in heel heaven and must rush home immediately to tell prince (aka boyfriend) about it... it's my birthday in two days... might urgently add something to my wishlist.

Today's shoes are D'squared2
Like them? Get them!