“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

Nice Day for a White Wedding

Boyfriend rocked the crowd of a wedding once more this weekend and I more than willingly chose the role of 'the groupie' again. Off we flew to the beautiful Pantellaria, a tiny island located on the left side of Italy’s bootie shaped landscape (can’t be a coincidence that the best heels come from Italy can it?).

Down at the beautiful Pantelleria Dream Resort, for four days it only revolved around the big event, which basically meant the wedding guests were enjoying cocktails at the most amazing locations, enjoying the stunning view at the pool, exchange experiences about their sunburns and wondering if the dresses and suits they brought would fit after the over consumption of Italian pasta (the 'no carb policy' has definitely not made its entrance to the Italian lifestyle yet, thank god!).

Nothing beats the vibe at a wedding: love, happiness, tears and dances are shared throughout all generations and you always come home with tons of new friends. In my case a pair of Givenchy's, which one of the attendees wore (and with which I totally fell in love with), and the inspiration of a new shoe brand I didn’t know yet (business card of the lovely designer is still in my lost luggage...)

So it’s ultimately clear: when I’m grown up I want to be a wedding crasher officially. In some Italian heels next time, no doubt!

Today’s shoes are Karen Millen
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