“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

My Big Fat First Brazilian Wedding

Although I knew that Brazilian weddings are huge, I had no idea what to expect when arriving at our almost last destination in Brazil: Curitiba.

On the private acres of our generous hosts (including three houses of relatives, own forest and horse stables) a tent is being built. A tent? It’s more like they're building a rock star concert stage (think Beyoncé), with a chapel built from scratch, dance floor for 800 people, buffet, bar, lounge and toilets that are bigger and more luxurious than in the Four Season's. Ah, and there is a glittery Miu Miu heel indicating the ladies room which I definitely would have snatched away (so beautiful!) had I known where the second one was hidden (it was my size!). And the party people! So glamorous and stylish I guess every red carpet would turn green with envy.

Had to plunder the mother of the bride's closet (thank you Danie, I will be forever grateful), since the flowery dress I brought suddenly didn't seem like such a good idea (patterns ladies, so NOT Brazilian wedding....) and I knew that the designer of the brides-dress (couture!) would be present personally. And yeah. That was all before I ruined my new pair of heels by dancing the night away with all the happy wedding crowd in the most beautiful setting ever. What a night to remember!

P.S.: Am still searching fot that second Miu Miu, but psssssst.... let's keep that our secret, OK?

Today’s shoes are Schutz, a Brazilian brand to keep an eye on!