“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

Music and Lyrics

Don’t know if I mentioned this before, but my first career in life was actually not walking successfully in high heels (aka Lady Gaga: born this way) but being a classical piano player. Therefore, I couldn’t be more supportive about a young generation finding their keys (aka entry) to music delight.

It’s quite a different story though when you wake up after a long night out (after all, you are on vacation) - having re-met eldest friend (we go all the way back to when Chris Rea was considered to be hot) - to some weird sound that makes your toes curl (and not fit in any kind of heel at all): my nephews practising their instruments. Bearing in mind that they are getting tired of playing a flute, the acoustic guitar and the humble piano, and now demanding to get a drum kit and an e-guitar soon (a plus though: they totally get what chick’s dig), don’t see myself visiting for the next ergh... ten years.

Will show up at first concert though, dancing front row and telling everybody who wants to hear that I always knew they had talent. They will have to be so patient. I so suck at singing along....


Today’s shoes are River Island
Today’s picture was taken by my eldest and most lovely friend Eva Reintsch