“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

Move over Jamie

Besides being crazy about heels, I have another (more hidden) passion: cooking. Whenever I have the time, I love strolling around markets, shopping for food (the pleasure of smelling truffles or herbs is almost similar to the irresistible scent of a brand-new leather shoe), and trying my best in the kitchen to pamper friends and BF.

Cooking requires a lot of practise though, and - like learning to walk in 10 inches (don't stumble, mind the gaps!) - some time until one is able to produce something presentable. The deflated souffles, the sticky rice, the burnt chicken, the watery veggies: I had them exactly as often as the usual blister, the sore toes and the charming appearance of a drunken sailor tottering in extreme highs. But eventually never giving up pays off, and today am juggling heels and kitchen knives kinda OK-ish (aka still ambitious).

Must pat myself on the back, perhaps bragging just a little, but if I humbly compare myself to idol Mr. Oliver, I may very well win when it comes to being “hot while cooking". As far as I know, Jamie never wears high heels.


Today's shoes are Stuart Weitzman