“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

Maid of Honor

If you've been following this blog for a while, you've surely picked up on the fact that heels are almost like human beings (aka big personalities) in my book. I don’t want mediocre, I don’t fancy subtle. I like outspoken, and statement. And - of course there must be a spark. And comfort. I know,- I know, quite the drama queen.

But so are my heels, and - believe me - they are so much more sensitive than moi. They get all grumpy with me when being walked all night long and, NO, they do no fancy unstable ground (“ah-ah- can’t do it...”), they get pissed off and punish me with sore feet and red marks when I “abuse” them dancing a night away - and one thing's for sure: they do not want to be touched (or worn for that matter) by anyone but me.

No one? Really. You should have seen today’s cuties go all subtle and soft (aka am too clumsy to close zipper) under the magic hands of my friend Connie after just one treatment. Truly a (shoe) maid of honor. Sneaky little bastards.

Today’s shoes are Fersengold
They never bitched really and walk like heaven! Get them here