“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”


When in love you inevitably experience some symptoms, which funnily enough, never seem to change, whatever age you may be. You'll feel like a giggling teenager, bubbling with inexplicable joy, grinning like an idiot 24/7. You'll experience an enormous boost of confidence and feel totally invincible. Plus you'll look jealous-makingly radiant and find everybody asking you what your beauty secret is.

There could also be another super good reason for all of the above: A) You bought a new pair of heels, B) You bought a new pair of heels before your holiday and recieved them just in time to pop them into your suitcase, or C) you're on vacation with the man you love, wearing this exact pair of heels in the most lovely scenery you can imagine, feeling like a godess.

Well, in my case it’s all those three and I loved, loved, LOVED every minute of it. Must sadly say goodbye to France though and head off to another thing I dearly love: Vogue Fashion Night Out in Amsterdam. Couldn’t resist doing some preparation already.


Today’s shoes are Sacha
(thanks for the immediate delivery!).

P.S.: If you are going to VFNO as well, say hello if you see me.
I’ll be the one who can't seem to stop giggling and grinning like an idiot.