“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

Love Yourself!

“Look, look” best girlfriend squeals, pointing out some teeney-weeney red marks on her thighs: “These spider veins - hate them! Need to get rid of them. They're so hideous, I'll never wear a mini skirt again.” “Can’t stand the bags under my eyes” other friend recently revealed, hiding a hardly existent greyish shadow behind huge sunglasses. “So slacky and droopy, made appointment with “THE DOCTOR” already. Or shall I go for the face lift immediately?”

GIRLS! When did we become such experts in concentrating on our weak spots? Why do we spend so much time (armed with a magnifying mirror.... the devil indeed) obsessing over our flaws? Those veins - hardly visible - are just a tiny part of a pair of stunning legs, and no one is even likely to notice those 'bags' when they're attached to such a heart-warming smile.

A little more confidence ladies, and a little less unreal photoshop perfectionism would do us all a huge favour. Save that Dr. 90210 money and buy a lovely pair of super sexy incredible heels! That should help to distract even yourself, and give the ego the boost we all seem to need so desperately.

Oh. Me? I HATE my toes. High Heels make so much sense indeed! Love yourself!


Today’s shoes are Gucci
These cuties are available at Paul Warmer.