“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

Love is in the air, sale everywhere

Isn’t it soothing to know the same procedure kicks in every in December? The air is filled with love and anticipation, lists and giftcards for Christmas are written, and all your thoughts are focused on delighting your beloved ones: your ... ergh....feet of course!

Haven't you been waiting long enough; dreaming about that pair of (unaffordable) 10 inches,
admiring those ____________ (fill in heel designer of choice) from afar?

Well, it’s SALE everywhere now (retail makes it so easy for us shopaholics), and with all that glitter on Christmas trees comes the fabulous opportunity to not only decorate your house for the big event but your 10 best buddies (your toes) as well. Those Xmas gifts for others? Time to start practising that extra charming, extra excusing smile for when your Auntie unwraps that nail-polish remover (245 EUR saved), and your boyfriend gives you the look after receiving the two boxes of tooth picks (another 289,40 EUR saved) you lovingly chose for them.

Just shrug and smile: “Sorry, I spent it on myself” (petting the shiny Marc Jacobs\ Saint Laurent\ Paul Warmer’s you are wearing). It’s Christmas yeah: the time to love and pamper. Especially yourself.

Today's shoes are Marc Jacobs | Paul Warmer
Love them? Get them!