“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

Love is in the air, flowers everywhere

Amsterdam can be a city with the character of a cat. Weather-wise that would be: really smooth and at ease but just when you think all is good - the claws come out. And I’m just saying that because I’m prepared for everything, any time (aka have my rubber boots with me for that sudden bout of rain - ALL THE TIME). But gosh, the city is beautiful when the sun is out, the claws stay in, and nature does what it does best: getting flowers to bloom wherever you go.

I mean, who would even consider staying inside, and not going shopping for some flowery dresses to flatter that mood? Who would even think of hiding in boots rather than the heels that invitingly smile at you to walk them under trees spoiling you with a shower of petals? Who could not see the beauty?

You just go there ladies. The first step in heels outside your door, with that dress too bright and short, and those heels too high to walk on grass: Spring is in the air, love everywhere!

Today’s shoes are Betsey Johnson
Coat: ZARA | Dress: Vintage-Laura Dolls | Clutch: Louis Vuitton | Jewellery: Stylist's own

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