“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

Love, Hope, Faith

Whenever in need of a special detox day is (very much appreciated after all the partying whilst celebrating Kingsday in the Netherlands) I head to the Dutch seaside to enjoy nature and get back in touch with the pure elements.

Just taking the heels out on a relaxing stroll (balancing like a clown on eggs in the soft and moist sand), feeling the gentle breeze of the Dutch wind (probably wind force 10) and wearing nothing but a lace dress to make sure the sun can gently caress your skin (which you won’t feel because the stiff breeze is almost blowing you out of your Guccis): what a great idea!

I assure you, you will feel absolutely sober and rejuvenated afterwards and definitely HOPE you never have to do this again, LOVE the idea of going home and cuddling in blankets, and have FAITH that one day, ONE day you’ll learn to dance on the beach in heels and not look like an idiot doing so. But well, detoxing is overrated anyway. Where’s the next party?


Today’s shoes are Gucci
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Bag: Sisley | Dress: La Perla | Knitwear: Taudes | Necklace: Guess