“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

Lookbook: Fashionweek

Fashion week usually leaves me in a delightful fashion-coma for weeks afterwards: So much beautiful fashion to digest, so many trends to take in, inhaling inspiration with every fiber of a fashion addicted mind. In between champagne (excitement) and finger food (no time to eat otherwise) the adrenalin rush during this short time of frenzy is quite high - the fashion babble, interviews, outfit changes, burning feet due to running around, picture posing, people spotting: what a great circus to be part of!

I love every minute of it and have to thank 3 exceptional designers who made this year once again red carpet worthy (and 3 special pairs of heels to not let me down during all hasty sprints from one show to another). Please find my sketchbook of all the lovely ingredients for yet another unforgettable week above. I’m still in the clouds and want to keep on pretending that it’s o.k to jump around in evening gowns during day time, turning around for photographers (even if there are none) and keep on walking like there would be a red carpet everywhere.

Cold turkey now. Duh.


Today’s shoes are Casadei | Prada |Manolo Blahnik
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