“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

Lady in red

It was my B-day lately, and after celebrating in Milan (friends, champagne, heels), and Amsterdam (more friends, more champagne, heels), I thought I'd take the party to Belgium as well (you can guess with whom, can’t you?).

My designer friend Kim Siderius provided me with the most lovely dress (so red, so beautiful that every red carpet would turn green with envy), and all other gear to celebrate was as grown-up as I certainly feel now. As in: confetti, balloons, a decent swing, and whipped cream still does the job after all those years. Oh well, not to forget the odd pair of High Heels as well.

So after all that dancing, laughing, celebrating and high heeling, I may have checked into Betty Ford by the time you read this (I wonder if they do courses for heel and fun addicts?). But I can certainly tell you: I had the time of my life. Now off she dances in that red dress, humming:

“Lady in red is still dancing with the, (gorgeous heels),
There’s nobody here, it’s just me and the Gucci's,
It’s where I want to be,
Don't make me go (-dramatic “Oooo”, ) -ending this does not feel right,
but I’ll never forget the way I felt tonight.”


Today’s shoes Gucci
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Kim Siderius dresses are also available at Yosha Fasion Amsterdam.