“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

Kick Ass

I never run short when it comes to comparing men (and relationships for that matter) to the other most intriguing thing in my world: shoes. (For those of you raising an eyebrow just now: think of how many (heels/men) you have to try to find a perfect fit, or how much it can hurt while walking them in ... )

So. When I find myself in a tattoo studio, feeling nothing less than a trooper in AMAZING leather cuties, fresh from my favorite heel dealer - surrounded by the three bold dudes of MotorInk (more pierced and studded than my footgear, wearing earrings large enough to put any decent napkin holder at a fancy dinner table to shame), I am once again reminded. No matter how fierce and hardcore the surface may look: it’s always worth having a look at the inside too, which may very well reveal itself to be soft and smooth as butter, comfy to the max.
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No doubt: the guys (just like my footgear) are kicking ass. And tonight I will have beers with all five of my new friends. Oh, and about that tattoo...... it’s just my lovely booties which got under my skin really. How sneaky.

Today’s shoes are Saint Laurent, available at Paul Warmer