“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

Melancholy and Provocation

Just checked in at MuseumsQuartier (one of the most inspiring place in Vienna to me) to visit an old friend of mine: Egon Schiele.

Egon and I go way back, I have been a fan of his work forever.
He would say things like “Art cannot be modern. Art is primordially eternal.”
or “Everything is dead while it lives. “, and although I do not understand all the time what the guy is talking about (he can be kind of extreme and depressive): when I look at his work it all seems to make sense.

The title of today’s exhibition is “Melancholy and Provocation.” (ha, tell me about that baby!), and very appropriately I am wearing black.
Strolling from painting to painting I come across the words of the museums curator who is inviting living artists to present “their” Schiele.
Well, I guess they had something else in mind: but I’m utterly motivated to contribute!

Today’s shot would be a real piece of art!
Frantically I’m browsing the gallery for inspiration.
It’s hard to find a motive though which would allow featuring one of my “babies”:
most of Egon’s models do not wear shoes at all and just expose genitals and hosiery (something I would like to spare my readers :-)),

But I find my masterpiece to interpret.
Thank god I’m always traveling with a petticoat and torn suspenders,
so coming up with the outfit of a 19th century slag is not a problem at all. :-)

Trying to embody maturity, quiet wisdom and sport a deeply sad and wistful aura I end up with an extreme muscle ache, but am confident to have worked in the interest of the ingenious artist.

“A still-lively provocation (a bad rip off is very provoking indeed :-))
that simultaneously embodies melancholy” (yes I have to cry too).
Forgive me Egon, they asked for it!


P.S.: Todays shoes are Bee Fly
P.P.S.: Egon Schiele is on until 16 April 2012