“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

It’s Heels Baby, Believe Me!

BF rang me the other day. She’s single and excitedly told me about the new “pool” she has discovered to meet hot new guys. Forget the internet, and going to clubs never works anyway: apparently all you need to do these days is sign up for your local “friends of nature” climbing group.

Here they flock: trained, yummy, fresh meat (aka mountain men), and yeah, I get it: sport is always a way to connect (and secretly check out physique, you clever girl!). I was shocked to hear she had invested (for the good men cause) in 300EUR shoes though. As in heavy-duty hiking boots (!!!).

Am falling apart. Sweetie! Don’t you read my blog? This is so not how it works!
You must invest in the date not in the on-site inspection, OK? That’s where you pick your prey, afterwards you shine, right? Take today’s little Gucci-cuties (@Sale @Paul Warmer!): they will set you back much less than your 300 and will totally do the trick! You won’t be going for dinner with this sizzling potential lover in your mountain-hiking-boots, now will you? Please?

It’s heels baby, believe me! Invest in them and you will be climbing something rather more exciting than a mountain.
xxx (and good luck)

Today’s shoes are Gucci