“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

It's A Jungle Out There

Must be very careful when reviewing books concerning fancy ladies who describe their life, even when "Stilettos" are mentioned on the cover. After all, you never know, own blog might turn into something similar one day.. So when friend handed me "The Shaman in Stilettos", I naturally proceeded with caution. Although the subtitle "From life crisis to inner peace, with a touch of glamour along the way" did raise a red flag (only a touch of glamour? Wrong immediately.), I could appreciate the gesture (something with heels, how nice!). Must confess: haven't read a single page yet. See, I have a slight aversion against "self help" literature. Sure, read "Eat Pray Love" but it only left me loving food more, eating twice as much and praying to lose all the gained weight afterwards (please!). Besides, definitely can't afford a trip to the Amazon and having an affair with a Shaman (Hello? Have BF!) to find some inner peace right now.

But there's surely some truth to it: life is a jungle (loads of spiders, snakes and traps included) and guidelines and inspiration are very much needed. It is possible to go on an incredible journey and conquer the world. And of course you put on your high heels, as you simply have a better overview from 10 inches or higher. A story that's probably better written by your own experience than just another book.Tsktsk, a touch of glamour.....


Today's shoes are Di Valentini